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Google ‘Now on Tap’ is available for Android 6.0 Preview 3

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Google’s I/O Developer’s Conference took place 3 months ago in San Francisco where they released the preview of the next android iteration, Android M (most probably Marshmallow). Though, there were no major changes in the user interface as compared to Android 5.x Lollipop.

One of the new feature Now on Tap that was supposed to arrive with the final build of Android 6.0 was showcased which was loved by all the media and fans. Now on Tap is going to be one of the coolest changes in Google Now till Date. The added functionality will allow users to get information for anything appearing on their device screen just by holding the home button and then boxes of Google Now will appear upon the application they are using.

Now on Tap

Earlier, Google said that the Now on Tap feature will not be available in any of the previews but just before two weeks of the new Nexus devices announcements, it seems that the Mountain View Giant has changed its mind and a new update to the Google app is rolling out which makes it hit the version 5.3

The new update to the Google app enables the Now on Tap functionality on the latest preview of Android 6.0. Any Device running android 4.4 or higher version is able to run the latest version of the Google app, but only devices running the latest preview of Android 6.0 can throttle the Now on Tap functionality.

Additionally, the latest update to Google app has changed the user interface of Google Now Launcher and now the app drawer scrolls vertically and there is a row for frequently used apps placed below a new search bar (for apps) in the app drawer.

Vertical App Drawer

We personally tested Now on Tap feature on our Nexus 5 running the latest Android 6.0 preview 3 and it was working just fine. Below is a video preview of Now on Tap by Tim Schofield (Qbking77)

Download – Google app 5.3 APK

Image courtesy of The Verge & Google Inside Search

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