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YOLO! One Life gives you permadeath when you die in game

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One Life, a survival horror, first person shooter, multiplayer game has been spotted on Steam Greenlight lately. The game makes a similar approach like The Flock, actually even further than that. The Flock was a horror first person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world that took it beyond the reality and gaming. One Life really gives you only ONE LIFE to play (survive) in this game. If you get killed by others or die due to any unforeseen circumstance, you’ll never be able to play the game again!

The extremely brutal concept of this game is inherited by Dominance mechanics, that allows other players in the game to decide the fate of crushed players like their enemies. There is also a catch that losing will not necessarily kill you or kick you out, it will give the dominating player an upper hand to forgive, humiliate, finish off or take everything from you – it’s his choice.

One Life’s Steam Greenlight page reads:

Saved the life of some loser? Take them captive and make them work it off. They will do everything to be free again.

We’ve never seen any other multiplayer game giving the power to players like this over the other player before. However, ‘Making them work it off’ is not entirely explained, but the game ensures ‘live communication’ between players with voice, video chat and text chat so that dominators can enjoy the screams, rage and cries (for help) of the losing player. It’s totally BADASS!!!

Based on the trailer, it is possible to take out digital piss on the crushed player if you really want to humiliate that loser. And if they decide to just kill you, then its the end of the line for you; your Steam account will immediately lock you out of the game forever. There is no coming back then.

One Life Official Trailer:

This game can be played in a team or you can go solo if that’s your style. One important thing about One Life is that it’s not free-to-play. Steam pricing has not yet been decided, but the game can be pre-ordered from One Life’s official website for $9.99. It’s not a bucket load amount of money, but it’s a pretty risky for a game that you can play for only a few minutes, or just for seconds if you aren’t careful or if you are a rookie (NOOB), or especially unlucky. One thing that players don’t like is they won’t get any refund if they die.

One Life has already made to Top-1 on Greenlight games list. Although it’s available for pre-orders now, but there is no revelation of final release date by the developers.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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