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(Exclusive) Reliance Jio’s unlimited welcome offer has a limit too

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On 5th September, at Jio’s official launch event, a lot of huge promises were made about how data will be like oxygen. As a part of this promise, Reliance offered its user with the unlimited welcome offer until December 31.

I first thought that data is unlimited so let’s put lots of data on downloading overnight. Turns out, after a particular limit, data speed went down to few Kbps from Mbps. The SIM that was once working on the speed of 4G is now downloading stuff at 2G speed. I was shocked.

Actual scenario was clear in front of my eyes when I checked the MyJio app. There was a small condition written at the bottom of my active welcome offer. Check the image below:

Jio unlimited welcome offer limit

The unlimited offer actually has a 4GB limit on it, that’s revealed in the company’s plans details. The good news is that this is a daily limit post which the speed throttles to 128Kbps, and 4GB is a lot more than people typically use on mobile data every day.

Let’s talk about unlimited usage at night. Well, as it turns out, night is just 2AM to 5AM – just 3 hours, and that too at very inconvenient timings. Yes, the idea is to offer free connectivity at the time when the network load is the lowest, and yes, you can schedule your system updates, torrents, or YouTube downloads to take place between these hours and save some money when downloading, but it still feels a little misleading.

Users can start to enrol from Monday, September 5, and students will get an extra 25% data allowance – so buy a 4GB pack, for example, and you’ll get a 5GB limit instead. And until December 31, all users can use up to 4GB a day, without paying anything.

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