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Root Nexus 6P & Install Custom Recovery on Android 7.0 Nougat

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The stable version of Android Nougat is already out for Nexus 6P, check here. Click here to check out the installation process. Now, if you want to take your Nexus 6P to an another level by taking all the root controls in your hands then you’re at the right spot.

Let’s know the Nexus 6P custom recovery installation and rooting process one by one.


  • Always update your phone to the latest build available before starting the unlocking/rooting process.
  • You’ll need a working adb/fastboot environment on your PC to get through some of these guides.
  • You must have Java installed and up to date in order to use the SDK Manager, please ensure that this is taken care of before installing the SDK.
  • Go here to download the Android SDK, which will give you most updated version of adb and fastboot.

How to install custom recovery on Nexus 6P

For this process, we’ll use TWRP recovery.

Step 1: Unlock bootloader. Click here to know how.

Step 2: Download the latest TWRP recovery. For Nougat, it must be TWRP 3.0.2-1 or later.

Step 3: Place the file in your fastboot folder (this is where fastboot.exe is located on your PC).

Step 4: Boot into the bootloader. Open a command prompt from within your fastboot folder (navigate to where you have fastboot.exe located on your PC, shift + right click anywhere within that folder, select open command prompt here), enter this command:

fastboot flash recovery <filename>.img

(The recovery filename in the command will change depending on which recovery you’re flashing)

Step 5: Use the volume keys to scroll and power key to select the Reboot Bootloader option. Once the phone has booted back into the bootloader you can use the volume keys to scroll and the power key to boot into your newly flashed recovery. It’s now safe to disconnect your USB cable.

Note: Do not flash the version of SuperSU that TWRP offers to flash for you in order to give you root access, it is not compatible and will cause problems. When you attempt to reboot out of TWRP it will tell you that it’s detecting that you don’t have root and it will offer to root for you, skip past this.

How to root Nexus 6P

Step 1: Install custom TWRP recovery using the above method.

Step 2: Download the latest SuperSU

Step 3: Boot into TWRP recovery and enter the install menu.

Step 4: Navigate to where you have SuperSU zip stored on your internal storage and select it.

Step 5: Swipe to install.

Step 6: Once you’ve installed SuperSU you’ll have the option to wipe cache/dalvik and an option to reboot system. Wipe the cache/dalvik, hit the back button and hit the reboot system button.

That’s all folks. Now you’ve successfully gained root access and installed custom recovery on your Nexus 6P running Android 7.0 Nougat.

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