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How to Fix Open Graph Meta Tags Data Using Facebook Debugger

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It happens with most of us that sometimes after writing a handsome piece of content when we try to share it on Facebook, it shows up wrong meta information. The generated meta box shows up false information due to many reasons.

Sometimes it’s because of timing that causes the issue, while sometimes we intentionally change the information but Facebook still shows the old link scrape information. Today, I’m going to show you how you can debug and fix link scrape information on Facebook.

Steps to fix link scrape data on Facebook using open graph debugger:

Step 1: Click here to visit Facebook’s sharing debugger page and paste your URL.

Step 2: Click Debug to fetch existing metadata that’s stored on Facebook’s servers.

Open Graph Debugger

Now it will show you the scrape information that’s already stored on servers. All the errors will be shown there.

Step 3: Now when you know which meta tag has the error, it’s time to go back to your site and fix the issues.

Step 4: At last, you can use the Scrape Again option to fetch fresh and correct information.

Link scrape data

That’s all! In this way, you can fix all the links that are reflecting false information while sharing. Just correct their meta information on your site and fetch the link again in open graph sharing debugger.

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