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Android 8: What will Google name its Android O operating system

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Android N is now Nougat! Google left the decision of naming Android N entirely on the audience. As their name always have to be a name of a sweet dish, Nougat it’s for Android N. But have you ever wondered what will be the name of upcoming Android O in 2017?

There’s a real shortage of desserts starting with the letter O, and that could lead to some unusual dishes emerging as candidates for the Android 8.0 nickname.

Let’s take a look at some of the Android O names we think Google could give to its upcoming OS:

Android 8 (O) names:

1. Oreo


We reached the one “O” sweet treat that everybody instantly thinks of. If Google was to partner with Nabisco (as it did with Nestle for Android 4.4 KitKat), we could have another commercial tie-in, with Oreo boxes promoting the next version of Google’s OS, and possibly limited edition biscuits (with antennae!) in the shape of the Android mascot, Bugdroid.

2. Orange


Orange for Android O could be little more generic than Android Oreo. Google doesn’t have to partner with Nabisco and can go straightaway with this name. Orange is a name that everyone can keep in mind so I think this name will be the one.

3. Ox-tongue Pastry

Ox-Tongue Pastry

Don’t go with the name, there are no actual ox tongues in this Chinese treat. It’s named for its shape — either an ear or a tongue, depending on whether you spend your time primarily around horses or oxen. Wikipedia describes ox-tongue pastry as a breakfast dish, “chewy, with a soft interior and a crunchy crust.”

4. Oatmeal Cookie

Oatmeal Cookie

The thing you mistakenly point to at the coffee shop expecting a chocolate chip cookie, the oatmeal cookie would be the safe choice for Android O for English speakers. It looks like a regular cookie, except with added oats and sometimes raisins, with the end product often appearing vaguely congealed and malformed.

5. Orellete


These sweet Catalan pastries are often eaten at weddings and other celebrations. They’re made from flour, eggs, sugar, anisette and olive oil and fried, then dusted with icing sugar. Orelletes can come in all shapes and sizes, which lines up with Google’s vision of Android powering a multitude of devices in various form factors.

So, what do you think which name will be the one? Will it be from this list only or Google will come up with something surprising. Let’s wait and watch 😉

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