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Android O Features: What we’d like to see in Android 8.0

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Now that we are familiar with this year’s Android version, it’s time to hope for what could happen in next year’s Android iteration. As we shared few possible Android O names a few days before, now it’s time to move on to the features Android O will be offering to the users.

Android is a far different animal than it used to be, and major platform updates don’t actually look very major on the surface. The jump from Marshmallow to Nougat is a good example — large portions of the underlying code changed how things are done but other than a few features like multi-window, much of it looks and feels the same.

We may want something that looks exciting, but big shifts in the way things look and operate usually break plenty of other things, so slow and gradual adjustments are the norm.

Let’s discuss some of the features that we can expect in Android 8.0

Android O Features

There are certain things we really want from Google and Android going forward, and some of them are related to the way Google does their mobile services. Have a read and see our list.


ThemesThemes allow you to customize the look of your Android phone or tablet’s user interface. This includes the colors of the stock apps such as the Dialer and Contacts, as well as the shapes and colors of all the app icons. Google should make everyone happy by adding a theme engine.

Better Hardware Management

Everyone in this era of emerging market deserves a well-built low-cost phone with access to Google Play. Everyone who spends $1,000 on a phone with the highest specs available deserves software built to take advantage of it. Having an OS that melds these two things is hard, and doing so means not everything available works well on every phone.

Dedicated Play Store for Android Wear

There should be an expansion for Android Wear users. A dedicated google play store for Android Wear would be a great idea so that Android Wear apps could be downloaded on your watch right away from itself. Let everyone download all the things, but also give people a place to look for specific apps. Expand from sections like Android Wear apps or apps for kids into apps that are great for some of the most popular models.



We know Google cares about Android’s security, and they have a lot of mechanisms in place to prevent unknowns from doing much damage, as well as clean things up if it does happen. They also need to continue to focus on how your phone boots up and how changes for critical system files are monitored. More of those fixes that make it hard for folks to get root also make it hard for anything else to get root.

More flexible android

Get companies excited to make things that work with Android. Make this feature free. Publish papers and guidelines that help anyone wanting to participate. Encourage and incentivize partners to participate. Showcase great products at Google Play. This would make it easier for people to recognize products built to work best with Android, and reward companies that do so.

Stick with AOSP


The best feature that makes stock Android unique is the use of AOSP. Having your own services is fine, but don’t neglect Android itself in favor of them. Anyone who has built Android 7 without Google’s services knows that it’s a fully functional OS for a phone that’s missing everything that makes Android compelling to use.


Android has already reached a saturation point where bringing more features is not necessary and possible. Refining what’s already there and adding a few well thought out services and features to Android, and the Google ecosystem itself will be a good way to add some polish and keep things from getting stale.

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