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How to Enable Hidden Notification LED on Moto G4 Plus

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LED notification lights have existed on Android devices since the very beginning of the OS. Since the Nexus 6, Moto has been hiding these notification LED lights in some of its devices because of the presence of Ambient display.

Ambient display simply glows automatically and shows you notifications on a black background. Moto G4 Plus comes with an ambient display and disabled notification LED in its factory state.

But if you want to overcome this limitation of disabled LED notification on your Moto G4 Plus then you’re at the right spot. Simply follow this tutorial.

How to enable hidden notification LED on Moto G4 Plus


Root access required! If you want to know how to root Moto G4 Plus then follow this guide:

Enable Notification LED

  1. Download and Install “Moto Led Enabler” and open it.
  2. Grant root permissions.
  3. Grant the notification access from within the app.
  4. Select the applications for which you want to be notified.


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