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[Android 7.1.1 Nougat] Cortex ROM For Nexus 6P

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Cortex is based on the current Nougat Developer Preview.

No huge features, but will have, as of the time of release, the most current apps available (select apps).


  • Pre-rooted with SuperSU 2.78-SR4
  • Includes Busybox 1.25.1
  • Disabled forced encryption
  • Removed verity checks
  • Enabled init.d functionality
  • Enabled native MultiWindow support
  • Fully functioning Google Assistant
  • Most recent versions of select Google apps
  • Nexus Launcher fully functional
  • All Pixel system audio files
  • Blacked out boot animation
  • Adblocking hosts file
  • Animated navbar
  • Night Mode
  • Round launcher icons
  • Tinted navbar
  • Pixel Live Wallpapers
  • Blue color accents
  • No provisioning tweak
  • Lots of build.prop tweaks
  • Speed tweaks (beta)


Be sure you have already flashed the bootloader (3.62) and radio (3.78) from the 7.1.1 NPF26F Developer Preview 2 or you could run into issues.


  1. Make a backup
  2. Wipe system/data/cache/dalvik
  3. Flash ROM
  4. Reboot and enjoy!



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