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Nokia is Focusing on Nexus & Pixel Like Experience With Frequent Updates

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As Google’s Nexus line is already dead, the tradition is being carried forward by new Pixel devices. The Nexus and Pixel lineup of devices is a definition of pure Android experience. Nexus devices have always been on the top in the line when it comes to receiving latest software updates, so does the Pixel devices.

According to some sources on the web, it seems like Nokia is planning to bring back the Nexus-style experience to life again. Nokia’s current phones: Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6, all run a pretty clean version of Android which makes it feel like stock Android.

There is a reason that sets these phones apart from the rest is that they come with pure Android running at 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. Nokia has become the most preferred choice for a large number of users now as many more premium and expensive phones from other manufacturers are still being released with Android 7.0 Nougat with only a hope of an update soon, but no guarantee.

The only thing that can make all the users around the globe believe in Nokia like they are the new unofficial manufacturers of Nexus devices is guaranteed updates, anyhow. If Nokia becomes successful in pushing updates in timely fashion, ahead of other players in the market, then it could almost achieve the target.

So, what do think? Can Nokia bring back the dead Nexus experience back to life? If yes then will your next smartphone have ‘Nokia’ tag on it?

Featured image source – AndroidPit

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