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Chuck Norris Mobile Game Will Make You Forget All of Your Other Games

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If you are unaware of who Chuck Norris is then my friend you need to use Google right now. Chuck Norris is a legendary martial artist, actor, and an all-around tough guy. He has some superpowers too that a normal human being can only dream of having. Some of them are: He can delete the Recycling Bin from his PC, he can kill two stones with one bird, and he does not sleep; he waits etc.

Today is Chuck Norris’s actual birthday; he’s 77 years old *Happy Birthday Chuck 🎉*. Flare Games made the most out of this occasion by releasing a new mobile action game centered on him; Nonstop Chuck Norris.

This game is a spinoff of a previous game from Flare Games, Nonstop Knight. That game has the player controlling a medieval knight as he fights endless hordes of enemies. Nonstop Chuck Norris is basically the same concept as Nonstop Knight, only this time, you control the man who uses his pure fighting skills to take people down with its one thumb-based touch gameplay.

The game will give you the option for Chuck to use weapons like baseball bats, chainsaws, and many other weapons as he levels up. You can unlock more and better martial arts skills like fist slams and, of course, Chuck’s signature roundhouse kicks. The game also features leaderboards so that you can check out how good your fighting skills are as compared to other players.

So, what’s your favorite “fact” about Norris? Feel free to post them in the comments section below!

Download for Free (iOS/Android)!

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