Top 10 Alternative Software to Microsoft PowerPoint in 2018

Whosoever was born during the late 80s and the following years know what PowerPoint is and about its wide array of uses. While in school it was just another computer lesson that received more likes over excel thanks to the creative features involved but back then many didn’t realize its vast business usability.

Be it a salesman selling his product or idea, a businessman attracting clients, MBA student working on a case study, or a startup pitching for funds, PowerPoint was everywhere. Over the time PowerPoint created such great reputation, usage, and ultimately dependence that slides shows created on it started looking generic and boring. Thus, came the post-PowerPoint era, where new presentation software with fresh themes and interactive features surfaced.

10 Best MS PowerPoint Alternatives

Here are top 10 alternative software to PowerPoint that can be used to create stunning slideshows ultimately helping you steal the show:

1. Prezi

In the post PowerPoint period, Prezi has gained a lot of attention due to its unique presentation creation interface. Here, you don’t move to different sides but transit to spaces within the slide. It gives the entire presentation an advance look and feel. The only thing wrong with it is that it’s a little tricky to edit by non-designers and it’s also very template driven, making the Prezi vibe a constant part of the slideshow.

2. Canva

Be your presentation on fashion, real estate, food, travel or marketing at Canva you’ll find just the right layout. Unlike the other options on the list, this one is entirely free. All you have to do is create an account and start working; you can even share your presentation with colleagues or clients via several digital platforms. The user even gets free access to over a million stock images, vectors, and illustrations. Also, the pre-designed templates can be customized to choice, and once completed the presentation can be saved as an image or in PDF format.

3. Haiku Deck

With 35 templates and 35 million stock images, Haiku Deck is the perfect app for anyone who is not much into customization and just needs to fill-in information in pre-designed layouts. Thanks to its user-friendly interface working get fun and simple.

4. PowToon

PowToon is like a fresh breath air in the field of presentations. Its unique point is the ease with which it lets user create animated presentations and videos. Thought not apt for live presentation, it truly helps create engaging presentations.

5. Visme

Visme is a cloud-based presentation software that has on offer ready-to-use templates, hundreds of vector icons, images, and fonts. It even lets you add interactive features like call-action button and quizzes to the presentation.

6. Emaze

At Emaze you get 2D and 3D ready-to-use templates for your presentation, and it even lets you create video presentations in minutes. As it uses HTML5, it can be assessed on any device and browser. It has an automated translation tool that lets you share your presentation without a language barrier globally.

7. Projeqt

Want to create a real-time storytelling presentation, Projeqt can help you. It allows users to insert interactive web elements like Youtube videos, live Tweets, RSS feeds, audio notes into the presentation. It even lets users create sub-presentation and multiple-layers of a slide, a rear feature to be found.

8. SlideDog

The reason we like SlideDog is that it gives a perfect solution to one of the age-old slideshow problems. It lets you combine different elements like slides, videos, PDF, web pages and other elements you might need to refer during the presentation. So, more showing your desktop to clients as all item can be integrated into a single playlist.

9. Slides

Slides is a reliable alternative to PowerPoint. Using its interactive workspace users can create great presentations along with benefiting from features like obtaining analytics, access to revision history and display math formals.

10. Slidebean

If you are running low on time and have to create a presentation, then Slidebean is the go-to tool. All you have to do is just feed in your content, and it’ll design a presentation for you!

With this, we come to an end to our PowerPoint alternative list. If you know more such helpful tools that can be used to create appalling slideshows, do share with us!

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