YouTube-DL: Best Terminal Program to Download YouTube Videos

Ever heard about YouTube-DL? If you are like to watch and download YouTube videos a lot then YouTube-DL is undoubtedly the best tool that will replace all of your current ways or programs.

Let’s start with a brief intro about this tool before going deep…

What is YouTube-DL?

YouTube-DL is an open-source terminal / command-line based YouTube video downloader Linux, Mac, and Windows tool for downloading videos or extracting audio files from video sharing or streaming websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Video, Yahoo, Metacafe, Vimeo, Facebook, Depositfiles, and few more similar sites. This software is written using PyGTK programming language, which is derived from Python. As of now, it can run on any Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X based systems.

YouTube-DL Features

All-in-one video downloader to download from YouTube and many other sites

Significantly faster than any other utility of the same kind

Light weight

Can download entire YouTube channel or playlist

Downloaded videos are cross-platform supported

Choice to download best, worst, or custom quality

Audio-only download is also possible

100% FREE

and much more…

YouTube-DL supported websites

Apart from highly famous websites like, Dailymotion, and Facebook, YouTube-DL lets you download from so many other sites too. The list is too long so we couldn’t include it here. Instead, we have mentioned the official link from youtube-dl’s GitHub page, which has all the supported sites mentioned.

YouTube-DL supported platforms

Currently, this tool is supported on all the 3 major OS platforms:



GNU/Linux & Unix

Though YouTube-DL Android is not officially available yet. But freelance developers are like gods of the internet and they have exactly what you are looking for. Still didn’t get it? Check out XDA Developers forums.

YouTube-DL v/s SSYouTube or

Unlike online tools like SSYouTube that let you download YouTube and videos just by pasting the URL on their site and offline software like 4K Video Downloader that shows a graphical user interface to download YouTube and other video-streaming platform videos, YouTube-DL works on a totally different concept.

Wrapping up!

YouTube-DL is one of the fastest, free, and open-source YouTube downloader which also allows you to choose specific available video quality format to download. Additionally, you can let the program itself automatically download videos with the highest picture and sound quality. It is also a finest mp3 youtube downloader.

It also supports downloading of entire playlists, options to add a custom title to the downloaded videos, proxy support, and much more.


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